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Café Deux

From Coffee to Cocktails and Everything Between

Café Deux is an all-day café serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. We believe in quality ingredients, thoughtful preparation, and an inviting environment are key to restaurant service. This stylish French-American restaurant, bar, and chocolaterie, is located on the main street in Harrison, NY, close to the Metro North Train station. Tying together classic French decor details with a modern industrial flair, one can experience an intimate dining experience with vibrant local and seasonal menu items, a thoughtful wine list, and modern craft cocktails. The menu is inspired by traditional French and reimagined American comfort food that allows for global influence. 

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Where does the name come from?

Café Deux is co-owned by sisters Charlotte Denoyer and Carrie Denoyer. The word "Deux" in French simply means two. The peace sign reflects the American aspect and represents the two sisters that have teamed up together. Their initials are also the same as the brand each abbreviate to C.D. Even the sound of their last name starts with the same sound, spelled phonetically Deuh - noi - eh. 

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